August 9, 2020

Custom made jewelry: do it yourself version!

A process as recommended by custom jewelry manufacturer

Who has not dreamed of making their silver ring? Unfortunately, Custom made jewelry techniques as custom jewelry manufacturer know are not that accessible to the public.

However, it is possible to learn to make silver jewelry self-taught, provided you are patient and perseverant. Today we have helpful tips and tricks from Hong Factory, my favorite custom made jewel maker, to share with you.

Custom made jewelry

Are you ready to make your custom made jewelry? Let’s go!

In this tutorial, I explain how to make a silver 925 ring. This tutorial is designed for beginner jewelers, so I found it easier to get started with a silver wire model, which requires fewer steps that a rush made from a plate.

The manufacturing process, as recommended by a custom jewelry manufacturer, looks like this.

Step 1
Take a 1.7mm silver wire annealed and wrap it around the triplet at about two sizes (US sizes) below that desired. If it is French sizes, take six sizes below.

Step 2
Saw the ring and file the ends to fit them perfectly.

Step 3
Braze and immerse the ring in the steamer to clean it.

Step 4
Remove excess solder if there is any, using your needle files.

Step 5
Replace the ring on the triboulet and bring it to the desired size by pushing it with the mallet.

Step 6
Check that it is well flattened and pre-polish with the silicone grinders (rubbers).

Step 7
Place the ring in your barrel (churn) for one hour to finish polishing and harden the metal. Moreover, now, it’s over!

Custom made jewelry

Alternatively, get your dream jewelry made by custom jewelry manufacturer

Don’t want to bother making custom made jewelry yourself? Get them from a trusted professional custom jewel manufacturer yourself!
Hong Factory is a Thailand’s leading custom jewel manufacturer that produces a wide range of custom made jewelry from many materials such as marcasite, silver, crystal, CZ, and more!

If you want to get your accessory made by this custom jewelry manufacture‘s professional team, schedule a meeting with them or check out their website for more information at Follow these steps to get your self a beautiful custom decoration.

Express your idea

Meet up with their team at Hong Factory place. This meeting must be a unique moment of exchange to understand your desires better. It’s an opportunity to entrust them with your ideas and wishes. To which they can combine with their expertise as a custom jewelry manufacturer to gradually give life to the jewel of your dreams.

Custom made jewelry

Your Ideal jewel

Marcasite Silver Jewelry Wholesale In all simplicity, the tailor-made jewel project then takes shape, and they will accompany you step by step to ensure its feasibility. It’s also an opportunity for them to offer you a quote that will fit your budget and your requests.

Be patience

It will take the custom jewelry manufacturer several weeks to see several months of work to deliver the perfect jewel finally. A treasure that will not look like any other, by its history and its entirely artisanal manufacture within our workshop.

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